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Where To Find Paper Illusions Wallpaper

posted on February 16th, 2016 ·

The original PaperIllusion design by Village included seven different faux finish effects: Script, Hearthstone, Travertine Marble, Roman, Crepe and Olympus Stone).

There were multiple colorways of these effects yielding a total of 31 patterns. These were all made available as 20.5 inch wide Master Sheets in 48.5 foot long rolls, for a total of 85 square feet.

In the winter of 2009, a new Paper Illusions design was introduced under the name Imperial, carrying forward several of the same illusions in a few colors and a brand new illusion, Birdseye Marble, in ten colors, for a total of 24 patterns. These were all made available in 20.5 inch wide rolls, but depending on the retail outlet, they were available in either 85 square foot rolls or 56 square foot rolls.

While the original Village design has long since been discontinued, there still remains stock available on a few patterns at Wallpaper Illusions: Script Harvest Gold, Script Cobalt Blue, Hearthstone Camoflage, Hearthstone Bubble Gum, Hearthstone Ocean, and Hearthstone Aquamarine.

Nearly half of the patterns under the Imperial banner were discontinued this past year (2015-2016). While half of the remaining patterns are temporarily unavailable due to production issues, 56 square foot rolls of the others still appear to be available here and here.

Wallpaper Illusions Company Logo

Images of every pattern of both Village and Imperial designs are on display at, and Large (8″ x 10″) and Small (5″ x 5″) Samples are available for purchase on nearly every pattern.

Partial cut rolls, also known as Mini Rolls, containing 13 square feet, were made available for many years as a convenience product, but these have recently been discontinued due to low stock availability. In its place, Memo Samples, which are 20.5 inches wide by 41 inches long are being offered as stock permits.

Paper Illusion Wallpaper is a rare gem these days, so if you’re trying to match something you currently own, or you’re interested in purchasing something new, be sure to snatch it up while you can. Then, come back here, and share with us what you’ve done with it! 😉

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Village Mini Rolls No Longer Available to Purchase Online

posted on February 22nd, 2013 ·

Partial cut rolls of Paper Illusions Wallpaper by Village are now available no longer available online for purchase at These rolls are called Mini Rolls and contain approximately 13 square feet. They are perfect for when you need just a little bit more. Each roll is 8 feet long by 20.5 inches wide.

If you have ordered any of these rolls in the past, I highly recommend grabbing a mini-roll as a backup for future repairs if needed. This is a limited resource as the Village line has been discontinued and is no longer being manufactured.

Order them today while supplies last. [No Longer Available as of 02/16/16]

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Two Blue Paper Illusions No Longer Available

posted on February 1st, 2013 ·

Two Original Paper Illusions Blues are no longer available. The popular Hearthstone Sky Blue and Roman Blue by Village are sold out.

Paper Illusions Sky Blue Paper Illusions Roman Blue
Hearthstone Sky Blue 5815428 and Roman Blue 5807072

A limited inventory of Mini-Rolls are still available in these colors. You can find these partial rolls covering 13 square feet each at for $19.95 (including free shipping). Once they are gone, they are gone for good. Get them while you still can.

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Bubble Gum: Pink & Purple Paper Illusions

posted on January 9th, 2013 ·

We bought my grandparents’ house when my daughter was only seven months old and converted what used to be a dark-paneled office into a buttercream painted paneled nursery. This worked well enough during her infant/toddler years, but then the paint started peeling off over time. 🙁

I learned about PaperIllusion and how it was an excellent alternative to painting over paneling, and I wanted to try it out in our house. While it took a few years before we actually redecorated our daughter’s room, we let our daughter choose which color she wanted. Naturally, she chose Bubble Gum from the original line of Paper Illusion wallpaper by Village since her favorite colors were purple and pink.

Child's Bedroom in Bubble Gum PaperIllusion

Now, the above picture isn’t of my daughter’s room, but that’s the color we chose. Here’s a picture of another girl’s bedroom posted on the Paper Illusions Faux Finish Wallpaper Facebook page.

Unfortunately, when the current manufacturer of Paper Illusions chose to switch over the line from Village to Imperial, they dropped this color along with five other kids’ colors. still has rolls of this pattern in stock for $50/triple roll. These rolls are 85 sq feet each and cover approximately 75 square feet depending on the overlap. They are no longer being made and the stock is limited, so be sure to order enough when you do so. 😉

One of the best parts of hanging PaperIllusion is that it’s so easy that the kids can even join in on the fun. So if there are any young girls in your world who happen to love purple & pink, go grab some of this beautiful Bubble Gum Paper Illusions wallpaper while supplies last!

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On Sale Now! Original Village Paper Illusions

posted on January 9th, 2013 ·

The following Original Village Paper Illusions Wallpaper colors are on sale now at WallpaperIllusions.comjust $30 per 85 square foot roll!

Script Cobalt Blue Paper Illusions 5812298 Script Harvest Gold Paper Illusions 5812299 Hearthstone Aquamarine Paper Illusions 5815431 Hearthstone Ocean Paper Illusions 5815427 Hearthstone Sunset Paper Illusions 5815425

Script Cobalt Blue 5812298
Script Harvest Gold 5812299
Hearthstone Aquamarine 5815431
Hearthstone Ocean 5815427
Hearthstone Sunset 5815425

This is for a Limited Time Only!

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Where oh where do I find Village Paper Illusions?

posted on June 24th, 2010 ·

Here is an article that explains what has been going on with the Paper Illusions product line including Village (which has been recently discontinued by the manufacturer). It also provides links to where you can buy Village versions of Paper Illusions. It offers both mini-rolls and full boxes of the hard to find discontinued Paper Illusions by Village.

article excerpt:

“You may be among the many Paper Illusions enthusiasts that are wondering just what in the world is going on lately. This article is written to bring you up to speed on the latest developments in the Paper Illusions product line.”

link to full article:
You Have Found the Original Paper Illusions Wallpaper By Village

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Paper Illusions- End of the Village Era

posted on June 23rd, 2010 ·

As of June 23, 2010 we have reached a new point in the history of the Paper Illusions family of products. As you may be aware, the product has become available in a new line that includes 24 new and retooled patterns and colors. These fly under the banner of Imperial Wallcoverings. The older Village versions, originally available in 85 square feet rolls, are now completely discontinued by the manufacturer. Many of these patterns are still on the market and available at various internet and brick-and-mortar retailers.

The recently discontinued patterns include:
Script Cobalt Blue 5812298
Script Harvest Gold 5812299
Script Green Apple 5815130
Travertine Red and Gold 5813184
Hearthstone Sunset 5815425
Hearthstone Bubble Gum 5815426
Hearthstone Aquamarine 5815427
Hearthstone Sky Blue 5815428
Hearthstone Aquamarine 5815431
Hearthstone Camouflage LW132602
Olympus Stone Charcoal LW132600

If you anticipate needing any of these colors, it may be wise to grab these patterns up while they are still readily available. They will certainly become as scare as the patterns that have been discontinued for a while. We certainly will miss the original Village versions of Paper Illusions faux finish wallpaper. The good news is that there should be good deals to be had on these discontinued Paper Illusions patterns, at least for a little while.

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Creative Paper Illusion Cut Outs

posted on April 10th, 2009 ·

Jeni sent me the following pictures this morning, and I am so amazed at the creativity behind them. Take a look:

“These are of my kitchen done with terra cotta and carmel with border created by tracing a pattern I had and sticking them up. I added little pics in the border from a scrapbooking punch. Came out better than I imagined…

Hand Crafted Wall Border Using Paper Illusions
Kitchen wall with handmade Paper Illusions border
Lampshade Decorated with PaperIllusion and Punches
Lampshade decorated with PaperIllusion
More Creative Cut Outs to Embellish Walls
Hand Made Paper Illusion cut outs

“…Last pic is of kokopelli guys I made and used for “art” in a bathroom [ed. using Tuscan Red and Camoflage]…

Paper Illusion Wall Art
Wall Art Created with Paper Illusions Wallpaper

“…I already had left over paper, so the price was right. I did something similar in the adjoining master bedroom over the bed. If you would be interested in more, let me know. I’ve done 4 different rooms, each with different a color combination and a different look. This stuff is really fun and talk about instant gratification!! I did faux painting in my living room and, although it turned out well, it took forever and got pretty messy and expensive. This house had nothing but white walls when I moved in last year. I couldn’t take it any more. When I was growing up my mom painted every walll “eggshell white” because my dad was a professional army man and we moved a lot. Easier to sell a house that others can move into without changing a lot. Now I’m making up for lost time and having a blast.”

This seems like these kind of projects might be for “creative” types only, but I can tell you…it is so easy. If you can tear paper, stick it in water and apply it to a flat surface (that has been cleaned and primed), then you can hang Paper Illusion. Then, in this case if you can cut out pictures (either from a scrapbook punch, a stencil or some other template), dip them in water and apply over the PaperIllusioned surface, then you can create art like this!

Grab a copy of The Paper Illusions Guide and see how easy it is to work with Paper Illusions, browse Paper It Fun! to get some creative ideas and get started on your own decorating project right away.

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Fireplace Gets A FaceLift

posted on March 6th, 2009 ·

DJ wrote: “I finished my faux fireplace using paper illusions ( french vanilla ) for the trim and mantel. It brought this 1970’s fireplace back to life ! It was in the basement collecting dust, now it’s looking stylish in my bedroom.

Before PaperIllusion & Paint:
1970's Fireplace
After PaperIllusion & Paint:
Fireplace updated with PaperIllusion & Paint

Wow! Absolutely stunning. Here’s how it was done in DJ’s own words…

I used the same applications as you would doing a counter or sink. After cleaning, I first primed with the wallpaper primer, then I used French Vanilla Paper Illusions to cover the plastic mantel, the metal trim and metal screen on the bottom. Then after drying a few days I put a couple coats of minwax water based polycrylic on. I then painted the faux brick fireplace an off white color to bring the 1970’s fireplace into modern times. It looks elegant and brand new and I’m very pleased with the results!

You can do it, too! Grab a copy of The Paper Illusions Guide, see how easy it is to work with Paper Illusions and get started on a decorating project right away.

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Create a Rock Wall Using Paper Illusion

posted on March 3rd, 2009 ·

Q. “I would love to cover above the sink in a brick pattern. Does PI offer this? or is there a way to use it to make it look that way?”

We get this question from time to time, but I don’t have many examples of it being done. One way you can accomplish this look is by painting a wall whatever “grout” color you would like. In the case below, Laura used black. Then tear or cut the PaperIllusion into brick/stone shapes and apply to the wall with some space between each piece, allowing the grout color to show through.

Create a Rock Wall Using Paper Illusions
Create a Rock Wall Using Paper Illusions
Create a Rock Wall Using Paper Illusions

You can do it haphazardly as demonstrated above, or you can be more precise, laying it out in rows like a true brick wall.

What do you think?

If you’ve tried something like this, please tell us about it!

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